Junior Cricket Announcements

Gday Glenunga juniors,

It is fantastic to see the seniors have started their pre season, and many of you may have also started getting the cricket gear out again.

So we are sure everyone wants more details of what’s coming up.
Here are some dates and times for our pre season trainings, and when games start.

First games Sunday 17th October (TBC)

Trainings will start in the school holidays

All pre season training will be at the Glenunga Hub nets and ovals. Weather dependant, so please keep an eye on our FB page for updates.

U10s trainings will be Tuesday nights, initially 4.30-6 then later after daylight savings.
U12s trainings will be Wednesday nights, same time as above.
U14s trainings will be Thursday nights, same times as above.

U10s will start Tuesday 28th September
U12s will start Wednesday 29th September
U14s will start Thursday 30th September

We will also be starting Sunday morning trainings for our 12s and 14s from Sunday 3rd October.
U12s will be from 9-10.30, and U14s will follow from 11-1
These sessions will be 3rd and the 10th October before the first game on the 17th.

We hope everyone is as excited as us to get the bats and balls out again and start hearing the crack of leather on willow.

Can I please now also ask for more volunteers.
We still require another U10 coach, and three more U12 coaches.
Be mindful it’s great to get in early and help us form the teams your kids play in. Otherwise we will form the teams and if your kid is in a team without a coach, they can’t play until someone puts their hand up to coach, and manage and help on the sidelines.
Many helpers make light work and it’s a very rewarding time to be spent with your kids and helping in their development.

Please contact me if you would like any details.
This year each team will require a coach, team manager, and then on game day, a scorer and umpire.

Again we are very excited to see everyone again in the school holidays.

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Jeremy Glaros (CCd / 0405 842 582) who will be transitioning into the role of GCC Junior Coordinator over the next few weeks. I will still be available to answer any questions that come up, but going forward Jeremy will become the primary contact for all things junior cricket.

Dave Prosser

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