Presidents Report 2020-21 Season

This report marks the clubs 44th season, 2020/21 and is a report of its’ highlights and progress.

The season commenced with great optimism following the appointment of our first Senior Coach. Enthusiasm and playing numbers at training were both high and it marked a turning point for the club as it sought to improve the Senior team’s performances and in so doing provide a cricket destination for the emerging juniors coming out of the clubs significant junior program.
Unfortunately, our results were disappointing for the Senior teams. We fielded a two-day team in the B3 ATCA division and 3 other one days teams. Only the C grade played in the finals and unfortunately lost the grand final. Pleasingly, enjoyment levels were still high!

However, the season also revealed much about what it will take to achieve the objective of transitioning our most Senior cricket teams (A & B Grade) to play a consistently higher standard and thus become a long term destination for our better junior players.

Leadership and good culture are vital for any organisation to be successful. We discovered quickly that we needed to improve both.

The committee sought to be decisive when confronted with some difficult decisions. Everyone makes mistakes and we made some, but it’s how you respond that matters and when tested the committee was resolute about what was and wasn’t acceptable at Glenunga Cricket Club. It acted in what it believed to be the long term best interests of the club.

I’m sure these decisions didn’t help the stability of the Senior playing group and may have caused disappointment. In time, it is hoped they will pave the way for all to understand that developing the club on the field also means making changes to attitudes and approaches off it. We aim to be a great club on and off the field and have an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at the club.

Pleasingly, Sam Turner has joined us as the new Senior Coach. Sam brings significant experience managing people successfully over many years as a coach and player at Premier Cricket level. He understands where the club seeks to go in the coming years and has a clear path to get there. His commitment to changing the culture by bringing in simple changes to things such as pre-season training are already being noticed. Welcome Sam and good luck!

On field Performances


As outlined above, the club fielded its first two-day side for many years with the A Grade participating in the B3 competition. We also grew to 4 teams for the first time.
Unfortunately, the A’s finished 8th, but did get a couple of wins along the way.

It was great so see some familiar faces fill the breech when numbers were down and Matt Prior showed he’s still ‘got it’ topping our A Grade batting with 363 runs at 40.33. Jason Dal Corobbo contributed 158 at 31.6 for the year and Graham Smith 157 at 26.17. Smithy was also our top wicket taker with 10 wickets at an average of 27.6.

Jack Matchett made a great impression in the U/16 Division 1 team and also a magnificent 127 in the last game of the season for the A Grade. I sense we may not see much of Jack wearing the Glenunga kit in the future – which will be fine if we do see him in the Kensington – or better yet, the Redbacks outfit! In the meantime he is always welcome at Glenunga!

Our LO2s (Bs) also finished 8th and another club legend Tony Gagliardi finished with 350 runs at 50 – including a 99, 102 no and 92!
Ilham Jaufer was the top wicket taker with 22 at 11.6 and Harry Prosser took 16 including a haul of 6/31!

Our LO6s (Cs) finished top after the minor round and were unlucky to lose the Grand Final. They still earnt promotion to LO5 next season.
Rohan Balasuiya made 320 runs and Robin Sood 235, while Raj Dhillon took 37 wickets to be the leading wicket taker in the competition!

Our LO7s (Ds) finished 7th and Ben Stapleton made 138 as top run scorer and Dave Evans was top wicket taker with 18 at 18.7.


Our junior division was again outstanding. We had 6 Under 10 teams, 4 Under 12s, 3 Under 14s and 2 Under 16 teams.
The highlight was the Grand Final played on Margaret Bond where we witnessed the Ben Nelson coached U/12 Comets defend just under 100 and win in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd on a glorious March morning.

Other highlights included;
U10 Rockets player Jaanav Alwarappan scored 336 runs in the season, almost 50 runs more than any other player in the competition.
U12 comets finished top in Div 1.
U12 supernovas finished 4th and played in the Semi Finals in Division 2.
Tadhg Fanning got a hat trick and 3/10 v Hope Valley.
U14 whites finished 4th and played in the Semi Finals in Division 2.

We had a very strong U16 Div1 team and they were extremely unlucky to have some strange covid related rules apply which mean they finished 5th despite winning more games than the team that finished 4th. They beat Marion in round 1 and they eventually won the competition. Jack Matchett was a star with the bat, making 431 runs at 61.57 – comfortably the best in the competition. Seb McVann led the bowling with 14 wickets at 7.5.

The Division 2 team finished 9th and Cameron Niblett was the best batsman with 212 runs at 30.29 and Daksh Bansi the best bowler with 16 wickets at 12.56.

Participation Rates

In season 2020/21 we fielded Senior Teams in B3 (A grade), LO2 (B Grade) and LO6 (C grade) and LO7. We also had a T20 senior team and a father son T20 team. In junior grades, we had 6 under 10 teams, 4 under 12, 3 under 14 and two under 16s team – a total of 20 teams. If it’s not the biggest cricket club in SA, it is very close!
This coming season we are likely to add an U/17 team to that list.


The attached financial statements show the clubs finances to be in a very strong position.
Of note in the 2020/21 season was the $17,000 purchase of a new roller along with new curation arrangements for the centre squares and the practice facilities. Both outlays are hoped to result in better quality turf wickets.

The forthcoming year’s budget shows the strong financial position to continue. The committee have discussed the balancing of subscription levels with ensuring we can handle an unexpected financial shock and if this doesn’t occur, be able to invest long term in major projects (as we have in the past). Being strong financially provides options and as such is very important to ensure we continue this position.

Special mention to Chris Estcourt Hughes who did a brilliant job attracting over $15,000 in sponsorships.


CAMCO SA (Chris Goold) generously continued as the clubs major sponsor. Camco SA are Engineering Construction Managers and are a fantastic SA business.

Joining CAMCO SA as sponsors in 20/21 were
• Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors
• Accru Harris Orchard (Chartered Accountants)
• The Arkaba Hotel
• Leaver and Son
• The Roy Kidman Wine Co
• Unley Physiotherapy
• P&R Electrical
• MacGregor Architecture
• BIY Construction Supplies
• Alabri Life retirement living
• Elders Insurance
• Hire a Hubby – Glenunga
• Terri White Chemist – Cumberland Park
• JK Bat Repairs

It’s terrific we have Livability Care Australia joining them this season.

Our Committee

For the coming season, we have a number of changes to our committee.

Rebecca Lawson Cooke, Chris Estcourt Hughes, Dave Prosser and I are all moving off committee!

Thanks to Bec and Chris who have both made excellent contributions in the Secretarial and Sponsorship roles. Dave Prosser has been an absolute workhorse and when Covid struck and he was out of work as an airline pilot it was our lucky day as along with being the coaches and junior co-ordinator he did lots of other odd jobs as well as being a consummate diplomat on the committee.

Well done Pross on a great contribution – the club solutes and thanks you!

Baz Norris also resigned during the year and his contribution should be recognised also. Baz did a lot of valuable work around the club, in particular as the curator and manager of gear and facilities and we thank him very much for that.

Alex Mathewson will be taking over as Chairman and President and is already showing great enthusiasm and know-how. The club is in great hands!

He is being joined by;
• Nick Smith – Secretary
• Adam Leaker – Communications
• Karim Goel – Sponsorship
• Jeremy Glaros & Adam – Joint Junior Co-ordinators
• Sanjeev Viridi – General Committee
• Michael Stone – General Committee

Committee renewal is vital in any sporting club. It ensures freshness and new ideas and keeps the connection between members and those who run the club. We have significant renewal and a great opportunity to review what has been done and use fresh eyes to improve on it!

Continuing will be;
• Alex Mathewson
• Sampath Wijesinghe – Senior Coordinator
• Nick Tallarida – Archives

There is a lot of work involved in running the club and I thank each member of the committee for their work in each portfolio. It was not an easy year – especially in the first half of the season, but the commitment was never wavering – even for the odd Sunday morning meeting!!

We are thrilled to have Sam join us as Senior Coach and we look forward to what he brings to the club this season and in those to follow.

Whilst I won’t be involved to the same extent, I will be watching keenly via mycricket and when I get to games. The club is in great shape and has a great vision for the future. I thank you all for the opportunity over the last 6 years and wish everyone the best of luck in the future. It’s been fun!

James Orchard – September 2021

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